This new addition to its range of platelet aggregation reagents is specifically designed for use with whole blood samples using Multiple Electrode Aggregometry (MEA) systems. 

Recently, Hart Biologicals has made its first two products available in the range, the Aspirin MEA Test 3 x 1ml (HB-5613-FG) and the Collagen MEA Test 3 x 1ml (HB-5614-FG)

Both tests are designed to be used directly to assess the platelet response to current anti-thrombotic drugs.

The new Ristocetin MEA product is intended for use in the In vitro quantitative determination of von Willebrand factor (VWF) and glycoprotein Ib (GpIb) using platelet aggregation in whole blood samples on an MEA device. 

Ristocetin is an antibiotic that causes thrombocytopenia and induced platelet agglutination. This test causes the platelets in the blood to bind with the receptors of VWF when in the presence of Ristocetin and glycoprotein Ib (GPIb).

Sales Manager, Paul Bates, said: “In vitro Ristocetin makes complexes with the VWF that bind to GpIb and initiate platelet activation and aggregation. 

“A diminished response to Ristocetin is found when there is a reduced amount or lack of VWF or a diminished number of platelet GPIb receptors as in Bernard-Soulier Syndrome.

“We are pleased to announce the third product in our new MEA range which is now available. 

“We have already seen significant interest in this new product initiative from healthcare markets both home and abroad

“It doesn’t stop there however, as we have advanced plans in place using our manufacturing expertise in platelet function analysis to add further new products adapted to the MEA platform to the range.“

The new product will be available from Hart Biologicals as follows:

RISTOCETIN MEA Test 3x1ml (HB-5615-FG)

Also available is a custom MEA adaptor vial holderfor use with the company’s reagents on MEA systems.

For more information concerning the Ristocetin MEA Test kit can be found here.