As part of its continuing product improvement programme Hart Biologicals is making further changes to its (HB-4452-FG) PT/INR Line Set.

As part of the change, the haemostasis company will be removing all calibration inserts from product packaging. 

Lorna Holtom, Technical Scientist at Hart Biologicals, said: “We’re constantly developing all products here at Hart Biologicals and part of the development looks at how we can improve user experiences. 

“The changes we are making are to ensure that Hart Bio moves away from paper-based systems and allows users to easily submit their requests digitally. 

“By removing the paper inserts inside packaging, we are relying on digital technology to ensure that accurate information is generated and eliminates the potential for transcription errors.  

“If customers need to send a calibration into the Technical Department, they can use the portal found on the Calibration Request page on the Hart Biologicals website.”

All digital calibration requests will be sent directly to the Technical Department at Hart Biologicals and a copy is also sent directly to Hart Biologicals’ Managing Director to certify all calibrations are received efficiently and precisely.  

Lorna continued: “The new process is designed to make it easier for our customers. 

“By using the digital format online, users need only insert the mean value of the measurements as opposed to the previous method of inputting all measurements that equal the mean.”

The PT/INR Line Set is designed to be used in the correction of International Normalised Ratio (INR) measurements and better addresses the needs of the modern-day laboratory involved in the generation of INR data for clinical use with patients.

For more information on the PT/INR Line Set or other products by Hart Biologicals, you can download our product catalogue here

Further developments to Hart Biologicals product range are expected to be announced within Q2.