“When she’s on the trike she won’t be Talia with all these complex medical conditions, she’ll be an eight year old playing out with her friends, and that’s so important to us.HART BIOLOGICALS has aided with funding to provide a specially-assembled trike for a young girl in Hartlepool.

Talia Foster, eight, who is the niece of Operations Director Mal Pattison from Hart Biologicals, has battled since birth with a number of conditions including epilepsy, reduced white brain matter, global development delay, sensory disorder, visual impairment and thousands of seizures throughout her lifetime.

Because of this Talia cannot walk, talk or sit unaided, making keeping up with other children almost impossible.

Clair Foster, Talia’s mum, said: “This specially-made trike obviously costs a lot of money because of the additional features it needs to keep Talia upright and safe, but it will make such a difference in her life.

“I usually take her on the ice rink and she absolutely loves going fast and feeling the wind in her face, this will make that fun so much more accessible to her and means she can be out enjoying herself with the other children on the street.



“It’s so hard to give her the same opportunities and experiences as all the other children her age and usually costs triple but this is one thing we can use all the time to give her that enjoyment.”

With support from Whizz Kids, a charity that works specifically to provide disabled children with essential mobility equipment and Hart Biologicals, the family has almost managed to raise the £2,600 for the basic trike.

The model comes made with a seat at the back for someone to pedal and steer, with Talia able to take the front seat and ride along with her friends.

However with further alterations needing to be made to suit Talia’s condition this is estimated to cost more around the £5,000 mark.

Clair added: “We are absolutely over the moon and so grateful that these two organisations have stepped forward to help us out, we cannot thank them enough.”

To know more or donate towards the trike for Talia get in touch with Clair through her e-mail mrsfoz1974@gmail.com