As the fight against COVID-19 continues around the world and the lockdown measures here in the UK start to be relaxed very slowly, all businesses face the challenge of how to get back on track.

Hart Biologicals is continuing to get supplies of its products to partners overseas, as the UK enters a further period of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As the NHS faces up to the unprecedented challenges posed by the threat of COVID-19, many other patients not affected by the coronavirus still rely on the services it provides for vital preventative care.  

As the impact of the current crisis widens around the world, Hart Biologicals continues a programme of stepping up to meet the challenge that the coronavirus poses. 

As the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 makes a significant impact on the lives of everyone in the UK, Europe and in many parts of the world, Hart Biologicals is stepping up its efforts to ensure all customer needs and expectations are being met. 

As the World Health Organisation labelled the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic, the Hartlepool-based healthcare manufacturer has stepped up its campaign of vigilance to keep its customers and employees as safe as possible.