WITH further expected growth at Hart Biologicals and more staff members needed to support the building workload, training has never been more important to the medical diagnostics company.

To ensure staff were up to the challenge of training within their roles, the organisation engaged with Amacus, an award-winning firm that offers a Train the Trainer programme designed to educate team members about teaching skills and allow them to put these skills into practice within their training sessions.

The course was completed by 20 members of the Hart Biologicals team, much to the delight of Operations Director Mal Pattison.

Mal said: “This course has been crucial to equipping our staff with the knowledge and tools to deliver in-house training within departments.

“This has been significantly important with the influx of new staff to the company and will allow us to keep records of training and ensure they are receiving support in their new roles.”

The course was delivered by Business and Management Trainer Peter Jackson over a period of two days, to fit around Hart Biologicals’ schedule and allow members of staff to work on their own training projects to present during the day of practical.

Peter said: “We created the programme from scratch with Hart Biologicals in mind. On the first day we went through theory, covering learning styles such as visual, audio and kinaesthetic, all of which benefit from different teaching practices.

“We also went through all other theoretical aspects such as how to design a session and create aims and objectives.”

From there the programme gave staff members the chance to go away and prepare a session for a small team of colleagues and deliver it.

Peter added: “Many staff commented that it was great to actually hear about what each other does for a change, and that they managed to gain a deeper insight into their colleagues roles.

“On top of this I was very impressed with the standard of the staff’s presentations. After only one day of training they managed to accomplish something that can take months to train for.

“In line with the training there are also now forms and a quality system in place with attendance lists, applications etc. to ensure all staff receive the appropriate training.

“If anyone is interested in carrying out the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, contact Sarah Ainslie on 01429 890071 or email SarahA@amacusltd.co.uk.”