Contract Manufacture

We recognise that each customer has a different need, a different question, a different problem. And we address these on an individual basis. We do not sell ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions as we are aware that an existing solution is not always available. We work with, rather than for, our customers, to provide the service that they expect. 

We excel in the area of contract development and manufacture for a range of clients, using different applications. 

At Hart we have the understanding that the client tells us what they want and we strive to meet the customers expectations. Whether this is a completely new product in a novel application or an improvement in an existing product.

Hart Biologicals has access to the most up to date technologies and can implement these to produce the results that the customer requires. Some of the areas we work in are mentioned below:

  • Freeze dry cycle development and manufacture
  • Application development for coagulation and aggregation analysers
  • Reagent development and Manufacture to suit clients requirements.
  • Plasma and Whole Blood Controls with specific properties to suit clients requirements.

Please use the contact form on the website to discuss your requirements or to visit us.